Season 3

Kick-off Event

Unique Unicorns: In-House Counsel Sitting as Arbitrators

Episode 1

Gisela Knuts & Lauren Norman discuss
Dos and Dont's as an Arbitrator in Pro Se Arbitration

Episode 2

Alessa Pang & Dharshini Prasad discuss
For Attorney's Eyes Only Orders

Episode 3

Krista Lee & Ara Cho discuss
Effective Expert Witness Testimony in International Arbitration

Episode 4

Ulrike Gantenberg & Sylvie Bebohi Ebongo discuss
Arbitration as a Tool to Facilitate Settlement

Episode 5

Elizabeth Oger-Gross & Mercy Okiro discuss
Arbitrating in African Countries and with African Parties

Episode 6

Helena Chen & Shaneen Parikh discuss
Dissenting Opinions: Yay or Nay

Episode 7

Christine Artero & Manini Brar discuss
How to pose questions to witnesses as an arbitrator?

Episode 8

Cecilia Azar & Sofia de Sampaio Jalles discuss
Strategic composition of the arbitral tribunal

Episode 9

Dyalá Jiménez & Claudia Frutos-Peterson discuss
Type of Remedies: What's new in ISDS?

Episode 10

Mahnaz Malik & Olena Perepelynska discuss