Season 2

Kick-off Event

Regional Diversity in Arbitration: The Way Forward

Episode 1

Laura Cundari & Sally Kotb discuss
Arbitration Tactics

Episode 2

Judith Sawang & Tamara Manasijevich discuss
Dealing with Challenging Witnesses & Counsel

Episode 3

Shan M. Greer & Elena Gutiérrez García de Cortázar discuss
Tribunal Dynamics

Episode 4

Olga Hamama & Brenda Horrigan discuss
Illegally Obtained and Falisified Evidence

Episode 5

Anna Kirk & Yoshimi Ohara discuss
Expedited Procedures

Episode 6

Annette Magnusson & Sadaff Habib discuss
Climate Change Issues in International Arbitration

Episode 7

Poornima Hatti & Katie Chung discuss
Emergency Arbitration

Episode 8

Domitille Baizeau & Adelina Prokop discuss
Arbitration: One-size-fits-all or Tailor-made

Episode 9

Aisha Nadar & Chantelle Humphries discuss
Multi-tiered Dispute Resolution Clauses in Construction Disputes

Episode 10

Funke Adekoya & Niamh Leinwather discuss
Default in Arbitration Proceedings